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(September 1998)




1. California

A. Southern California - approximately 38 participating clubs next meeting scheduled for Sept 15,1998

- lawsuit against the Santa Barbara Sheri~s Department on behalf of the Bravados MC for harassment

has been settled.

- lawsuit has been filed Loners MC vs Studebakers Bar. Now settled by stipulation. Studebakers revoked

their "No Patch Holders" policy.

- lawsuit has been filed Vagos MC & Hessians MC vs J.C. Flanagans, went to trial in October. Judge ruled

against clubs. Appeal has been filed.

lawsuit going forward POBOB V. Marquis Cocktail Lounge

Donation voted for Bob lllingworth - Anti-Discrimination Legislation Fund

B. Central Cailfornia - approximately 11 clubs participating

- next meeting scheduled for Oct 17,1998

- lawsuit to be filed on behalf of the Vagos against the Cadillac Club withdrawn. Establishment changed policy lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Scream City MC v. The Pub. Appeal filed on adverse ruling.

Donation voted for Bob lllingworth - Anti-Discrimination Legislation Fund

C. Northern California - approximately 25 clubs participating

- next meeting scheduled for Sept 12, 1998

~ Attempt by law enforcement to classify a member of the Hells Angels MC as a street gang for purposes of criminal enhancement See attached paperwork.

- NOTE: A.l.M. criminal defense attorney was successful in having gang enhancement dropped.

* Donation voted for Bob lllingworth - Anti-Discrimination Legislation Fund

- Confederation Cam ival on Aug 15 big success

D. Central Coast - Organizational meeting held June 7,1998. Club vote to proceed with Confederation agenda.

- next meeting Oct 11,1998.

2. Arizona - approximately 28 clubs participating

- August meeting had 20 member organizations and approximately 80 motorcyclists attending

- ACMC trifold calendar card includes member runs and events

- next meeting scheduled for Nov 1998

- working on anti~iscrimination legislation

- City of Chandler change No Colors position for the Ostrich Festival after letter from A.l.M. Attorney

- new Police Contact Card made and distributed


3. Oklahoma - approximately 12 clubs participating -

- next meeting scheduled for Aug 30,1998

- voted to change meeting from quarterly to every other month

- lawsuit to proceed on behalf of Viet Nam Vets MC against variQus police agencies due to Turner Falls

incident. Data bank on Patch holder harassment sent by NCOM office

4. Hawaii - approximately 14 clubs decided to stay within Street Bikers United, however they will continue

with suggested confederation agenda. Proposed Confederation meeting scheduled for Dec 5 during the NCOM Regional Meeting & Seminar

5. Washington - approximately 10 clubs participating

- next meeting scheduled for August 22,1998

~- Free Souls MC lawsuit against the Clark County Sheriffs Dept.; settlement reached after first w~eek of trial.

Fund raising event on May 30,1998 was very successful

Donation voted for Bob lllingworth - Anti-Discrimination Legislation Fund

- Sgt DePrado of the Washington State Patrol is currently under investigation for overstepping his duties under the color of authority


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6 Minnesota - official meeting held on May 12, 1995 during NCOM Convention

- 12 clubs in attendance, targeted discriminatory establishments

- SPECIAL NOTE: First ever legislation pass ed specifically prohibits discrimination

on the basis of being a bikeripatch holder (SEE ENCLOSED).

7. Central Wisconsin - Aug 9 meeting had 30 clubs in attendance.

- next meeting scheduled for Oct 1998

8. Texas

A. Texas, Southern - approximately 20-25 clubs and MRO's participating

- Fund Raiser scheduled for June 28,1998

- next meeting scheduled for Oct 1998

- letter sent out to various police agencies on behalf of Confederation of Clubs regarding harassment and discrimination matters

B. Texas, Central - approximately 30-35 clubs and MRO1s participating

- meeting held on Aug 13,1998

- next meeting scheduled forSeptember 1998

- meeting with state legislator Clyde Alexander to discuss police harassment and future anti-discrimination legislation

- working on anti~iscrimination for next legislative session

C. Texas, West - approximately 11 clubs and MRO's participating

- next meeting scheduled for Oct 1998

D. Texas, North West - approximately 15 clubs and MRO's participating

- next meeting scheduled for Sept 12, 1998

9. Colorado - approximately 23 clubs and MRO's participating

- Anti-Discrimination Legislation planned

- BBQ Fundraiseron Sept 19,1998

; meeting scheduled for late September

Donation voted for Bob lllingworth - Anti-Discrimination Legislation Fund

10. Nevada

A. SouthNevada-

- next meeting scheduled for Sept 10,1998

- Discriminatory bars targeted

B. NorthNevada-

- Organizational meeting held on April 18,1997 - Officers elected

- 13 clubs and organizations present

next meeting scheduled for Oct 8, 1998

Donation voted for Bob lllingworth - Anti-Discrimination Legislation Fund


11. New Hampshire - existing Confederation (Coalition)

- next meeting scheduled for January 4

12. Massachusetts - existing Confederation (Coalition)

- next meeting scheduled for January 4

- clubs from Connecticut, Rhode Island and Maine took information back to their clubs

- next meeting scheduled for September 12, 1998

13. Oregon - Organizational meeting June 6,1998. 10 clubs and associations voted to start Confederation. next meeting scheduled for September 12,1998

IMPORTANT: Patch holder (Brother Speed) received notice from Portland P.D. that they had been

declared to be a member of a criminal gang. Hearing to be held if requested. NOTE; First of its kind and must be noted by all Confederations (SEE ENCLOSED PAPERWORK & RESPONSE FROM A.lJW~ ATTORNEY)

14. New Mexico - approximately 10 clubs and MRO's participate

- next meeting scheduled for June 1998


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- police harassment at recent confederation event Letter sent by AIM attorney to various police

agencies. Letter to Police Chief, plus answer and copy of additional letter sent to new Police Chief.

15. Ohio - meeting first Thursday of every month.

- helped to nationally disseminate confederation info to other minority clubs at National Roundupin Kentucky

- planning an NCOM Regional Meeting/Seminar to include most minority clubs in Ohio, W.Virginia & Kentucky

16. Louisiana -

- next meeting scheduled for Sept 19,1998

- pack of patch holders on the way to previous meeting stopped and harassed by Lafayette police. Letter sent to various police agencies.

- Represenatatives of all member clubs and the AIM attomey were in attendance at large event (Dogs on Hogs) after advised that patch holders would be exluded. Police agencies backed off and sign "No OuUaw Motorcycle Clubs" was taken down

17. Connecticut - existing Confederation (Coalition)

- exploratory meeting for Confederation agenda.

- positive response and taking it back to individual clubs for a vote. Ratified at next meeting

1& Alabama & Mississippi -

- clubs decided to continue as 2-State Confederation

- voted for immediate response to police flyer. Flyer withdrawn by police agency

- next meeting Oct 17,1998

19. Nebraska - Exploratory meeting on July 12.

20. West Virginia - meeting May 31,1998 planning Fund Raiser

- next meeting Aug 30,1998

- Confederation party Fund Raiser planned for October 8,1998

21. Kansas - Organizational meeting scheduled June 13, 1998

- officer election and general meeting Oct 24,1998

Confederation infomation requested from Iowa, New York, Montana, Indiana, South Dakota, North Dakota & Kentucky.



Ontario, Canada - NOTE: Following is a combined report for all 3 confederations in the Province of Ontario (West, East and Central):

- approximately fourteen clubs, three MRO's and two associations participating

- police road block (Para Dice Riders MC) lawsuit to be continued by Confederation, appeal under way.

- next meeting scheduled for all regions scheduled for Oct 11,1998

- because of the huge distances in the province, there will now be 3 regions in Ontario. East, West & Central.

- Confederation Awareness Rally onHOV Lanes, handlebar height big success

- lobbying for the right of motorcyclists to use HOV lanes; meeting with members of Pariiament now able

to have input in provincial committee

- 'fighting for new handlebar legislation. Meeting with Ministry of Transportation resulted in a raise 3 inches

without minimums.

- Ontario A.l.M. attorney, Jeff Chapnick, argued the matter of road blocks for the purposes of intellegence

gathering. The Ontario Court Provincial Division, Criminal Division, ruled that these road blocks were illegal.

The judge's written ruling will be handed down in September A press release will follow

- Know Your Rights seminar being planned to work on ~Anti Biker Squad" roadside discrimination


IL British Columbia Coalftlon of Motorcyclists (BCCOM) - 8 clubs and 1 MRO attended last meeting

- 1st Annual BCCOM Safety $ Operations Forum held with DOT, state insurance and traffic police attending. BCCOM agrees to lobby for fair street noise testing and transferable liability insurance.


IlL Alberta Coalftion of Motorcyclists - In process of organizing