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How To Become A Delegate

It's more important than ever to help protect our rights in Texas. This page contains instructions from the Confederation of Clubs on how to become a delegate of the Democratic or Republican party. This is the first step to help us make a difference politically. It's easy. It doesn't take too much time. Give it a try!

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What It Takes:

Prerequisites to Becoming a Delegate

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Voting is the First Step

  1. You MUST be a registered voter. If you have not registered, do it now. If you have recently moved, re-register in your new voting district.
  2. You MUST have voted in the Primary Election either on election day or by absentee. No other election counts for becoming a delegate.
  3. You MUST attend the precinct convention.

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Attending the Precinct Convention

The precinct convention is held immediately after the polls close on primary election day and they finish counting votes. This convention is usually held at the same place where voting occurs. At the convention these things will happen:

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1) Announcement of the county or senatorial district convention time and place.
2) Election of the delegates and alternates to the senatorial district convention.
3) Voting on resolutions presented from the floor. If a resolution passes at this level, it goes to the next convention for consideration

There is 1 delegate and 1 alternate authorized for every so many people who voted in the primary. There are usually not enough people to fill all positions. This means that, if you show up, you will almost be guaranteed a delegate position to the next convention.

Keep the document appointing you as a delegate or alternate to the county or senatorial district convention that you are given at this convention. You will need it.

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Attending the County or Senatorial District Convention

Depending on the population of the county where you vote, you'll next be attending the County or Senatorial District Convention. From here there are two ways to become a delegate to the State Convention:

  1. Complete and submit a form to the Nominations Committee requesting appointment as a delegate.
  2. Interview with the Nominations Committee. Be honest! Tell them you wish to be involved in the political process.

The first time you try, you may only get an alternate position. This is normal.

You must attend this convention to become a delegate to the State Convention. Resolutions passed at the precinct conventions are voted upon here to be submitted to the State Convention.

Learn and know the rules so you know what is happening when someone stands up and calls for a "point of order" or a "roll call vote." Get a copy of the rules at the convention or from party headquarters in your county.

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Attending the State Convention

The State Convention will be a large number of people and in many ways it will resemble a carnival. It is also a very serious place. The rules, party platform, and resolutions decided at this convention will remain in force for two years.

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You've made it!

At the State Convention, you get a schedule with locations and times for committee meetings. If you have business with Committees, be sure you know when and where to be to see the committee.

The convention rules allow anyone to speak at the conventions, if they follow proper procedure. Know the rules if you want to speak.

The State Convention is where delegates to the National Convention are chosen. The process of becoming a delegate to the National Convention is the same as becoming a delegate to State.

There will be plenty of people at the convention to give you assistance. Don't be afraid to ask one of them any questions that you may have.

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It is Easy to Become a State Delegate

  1. Register to Vote
  2. Vote in the Primary Election for the Political Party you choose (you can't change it later so make sure you know which one you want)
  3. Attend the Precinct Convention and request appointment as a delegate to the County or Senatorial District Convention
  4. Attend the County or Senatorial District Convention and request to be a delegate to the State Convention
  5. Attend the State Convention

It's your responsibility to stand up for your rights! Be an active part of the political process.

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Questions? Send us mail, please include Confederation in subject line.
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