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C-of-C Info

NCOM Provided Information

There will be information here, mostly press releases from the National Coalition of Motorcyclists (NCOM). Hey, it's a beginning. Check back for more.

This first file is a .TIFF image file. It's a multi-page TIFF image. If you don't have a TIFF viewer, there are free ones out there. If you're using Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, or 2000 you should already have it, just check in Start/Programs/Accessories and look for Imaging. If it's not there you should have it on your original Windows CD. Early versions of 95 didn't include it, you can download it from here

There is a plan to convert this info into text by optical character recognition (OCR) software, but for now in order to get it out faster it will be in TIFF format.

  • Michigan motorcycle helmet law (~123 kb tiff) - through judicial action (cases taken to court), riders in Michigan have pretty much made their helmet law unenforceable. Yes, they still have one, but it's nearly useless.

  • Oregon: Stop the Pack (~145 kb tiff) - this has to do with a pack riding together, stopping traffic to stay together, and a police officer wanting to stop them. The good news is that it's not legal to stop the entire pack just because they're riding together.

  • Oregon helmet case (~79 kb tiff) - a rider's helmet questioned for legality. They're trying to set a legal precedent for how to determine what's legal in their state.

  • Oregon biker gets apology from police (~54 kb tiff) - a club member gets an apology from a police chief. Their club had been disallowed from attending a local public event for several years. Through the use of an AIM attorney they were able to get permission to enter the Tigard Balloon Festival wearing their colors. This is good news for all of us, a peaceful protest resulted in our Constitutional rights being protected.

This info was gathered by the curator of this site at the NCOM Convention in San Francisco this year. Yes, there is more info to share. This is just some good news that I thought important to pass along.

Last Update: 31-October-2000