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No-Fault Insurance
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The Governor wants it. The insurance companies want it, although they probably won't admit it.

What is it?
The idea is that nobody is held responsible in an accident. This would seem to indicate that you'd carry insurance to cover your vehicle and yourself in case you're in an accident. This no-fault insurance would cover Texas' legally required liability insurance for cars. Unfortunately it may not cover motorcycles, which means you'd have to carry liability insurance because it's the law even though you aren't liable for an accient. You would also have to carry seperate insurance for yourself and your bike.
So what's the cost?
States with no-fault insurance have the highest average auto insurance premiums. You can expect your motorcycle insurance to go up, possibly doubling your rates or as much as an 800 percent increase.
What about coverage for motorcycles?
We've been hearing that some insurance companies that now cover motorcycles will stop. It's hard enough to get insurance for a motorcycle right now!
What to do about it?
Write your Texas representative and senator, ask them what their stand is, and tell them you are against no-fault insurance. Stay in touch with us for updates on the no-fault insurance subject.

Links with information on no-fault:

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Last Update: 25 Feb 97